Simply Organic Cocoa Cayenne Cake



Warning: Do not ingest any of the mix when you open it. It will cause a horrendous coughing fit. After trying the mix and seeing how spicy it was, I was VERY hesitant to even make them. I was making them for bookclub and hate to take anything that tastes bad. The aroma of them cooking was also a little unpleasant to the nostrils. I tried a cupcake out of the oven and I wasn’t a huge fan. SO I made a pizza also just in case (Stonewall Kitchen Herbed Pizza Crust). My bookclub has 3 of us that are GF so we all make GF snacks to be accommodate which is awesome. 

After I let them sit for a day and iced them with milk chocolate icing, it cut the spice down and they were well received. However, the full pizza I made also was completely gone. I would definitely make them again because although they look and taste like a normal chocolate cupcake, they have a little spice at the end. 



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This will be a very short post. Zucchini noodles > spaghetti squash. They may even be better than most of the GF variety of noodles. They’re good, not processed, and quicker to make than pasta. 

I got this lovely contraption for my bridal shower. It does take up a good bit of space in my cabinets however I made room for it. I hope I get it out as much as I would like since its put away, but I think I will. 



There are already a few other recipes I want to try with it. Thinly sliced apples with sausage… Curly fries… Yummo. 



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Van’s Cinnamon Heaven Review


I got this picture from google. My bowl NEVER lasts this long untouched because they are SO GOOD. 

The ingredients I am actually pretty happy with:

Van’s Gluten Free Whole Grain Blend (Oat, Brown Rice, Millet, Quinoa and Amaranth Flours), Cane Sugar, Oat Fiber, Inulin, Invert Cane Sugar, Non-GMO Expeller Pressed Canola Oil, Cinnamon, Salt, Calcium Carbonate, Natural Mixed Tocopherols for Freshness.

The tocopherals can be gluten, but I am assuming a company like this with the gluten free label, knows to not use the ones that contain gluten.
Get of box of this stuff, it is heaven.  Cinnamon heaven. 
P.S. I must go pour myself a bowl now. 



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Stonewall Kitchen Herbed Pizza Crust Review


I have been having a really hard time lately being gluten free. I was never even a huge pizza fan before being gluten free but after I became gluten free, it is literally what I want for dinner every night. I have tried so many different kinds of gluten free pizza… Udis, Little Georges, homemade Paleo crust, Moms Organic pre-made dough, Pillsbury GF dough, Deliso pizza in Gettysburg, Mediteraneos pizza in Westminster, Dominos…. and some are good…. but just not THE SAME. 

Hubs to be gets to eat pizza whenever he wants and the smell of Tostinos pizza (yuck) the other day made me cry. I just want a really good pizza. I caved and we ordered pizza the next night from my favorite pizza place and I ate it, gluten and all. And paid for it the rest of the week. Not only was I sick, but I wanted EVERYTHING gluten because I had already had it and gotten sick, why not just keep going with everything I want to eat and can never have? It was such a slippery slope. 

I was complaining to one of my patients at work about it whose daughter is GF. He mentioned Stonewall Kitchen crust is very good. I ordered it that night and it’s been sitting in my kitchen cabinet until today. This mix is about $8… so its pricey, but it made a really big pizza. I put it on a cookie sheet and made a rectangular pizza. It says you can cut the mix in half and freeze half of it which is probably what I will do next time. I made sure to press it very thin because a lot of times what happens with my pizza is the inside is very doughy, because it just never has time to cook because I make it too thick. 

It was SO good. Really, really good. Go on amazon and get it now. (Except its on that stupid add-on program, so you’ll have to order 15$ of other stuff to just order it- and if you do- their brownie mix is really good too!) I was so pleasantly surprised because I just assumed it would suck like the rest of the doughs and mixes I have tried. It doesn’t. 



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Simply Organics Chai Scone Review



These are divine. I love Chai Tea and was a huge fan of chai lattes before I became gluten free. (Almost EVERYTHING at Starbucks has gluten in it, so I just don’t even bother going in). You shouldn’t eaten raw mix because of eggs, but I had to try it because it smelled fabulous. And it was amazing. 

The chai spice is really good. Not overpowering but just enough. I added some blueberries to it because I have five bags in my freezer from my granny. (Thanks Granny!). 

Not being a huge scone fan, just a huge chai spice fan, these scones are just fabulous. 

Therefore, when it came to my attention when I went to order more and realized they seem to be DISCONTINUED. I looked on all my normal websites-, vitacost, iherb, and then went to simply organics. Amazon has some for sale from an external website but they are charging 5.30 a box then 4$ PER box for shipping. No thank you. 

I am going to go to Saubels, the store I originally got them from and see if they have anymore … and buy all they have. In the meantime I am scouring the web for gluten free chai scone recipes. If you have one let me know! I have bookmarked a few. Image Image

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Schar Gluten Free Bread Crumbs


These were bad. Really bad. I ordered them from and they came in a very small bag for the price. They also tasted horrible. My fiance makes excellent fried chicken and used these for mine and I could hardly eat it. They got soggy, tasted really odd, and just were not good. Hate to throw the bag away, but I can’ t eat them. 


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Pumpkin Spice Cake (Namaste Spice Cake Review)

There is no season I love more than the fall. The foliage, the flavors, the weather. I love spice cakes. And I love pumpkin flavoring. And I love love love penuche frosting ever since one of my patients made me a spice cake with penuche frosting. So when pinterest told me about a pumpkin spice cake using a gluten free spice cake mix, I was in heaven. It is simple and yummy, and the mix is Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Corn Free, Soy Free, Casein Free, Potato Free, Tree nut free, and Peanut free. Matt could tell you, I got pretty obsessed with finding this mix. I ordered it online from (where it was cheapest- for about $5). But I SO wanted to make it for bookclub in two days, so I also had to find it in a store. The closest store was in Shrewsbury, PA. I live in Westminster, so about 40 minutes away.  (They also carry them in some Giants, Food Lions, etc, but none near me). I call Saubel’s before I go, just to make sure it isn’t a wasted trip. They also had a lot of other mixes, so I was glad I went, more reviews on those later. It was about $7 in store. 

Here we go: 


It makes a lot of cake, more than most GF mixes. 

Here is the final product:


 Here is the recipe:

I used a different icing recipe than she recommends, a penuche frosting from pinterest.

The cupcakes were fabulous, very well liked by all. Almost everyone said, “wow these are really good and moist, and what a good spice flavor.” They were the right amount of pumpkin and spice for me, and many others. The icing did something very weird though the next day… Not sure what happened. The cupcakes may have been still warm from baking, or it may have been the icing was too thin, but got very runny the next day. It didn’t ruin the cupcakes thank God, but the appearance was far from perfect the next day, however, quite delicious still. 

I would ice only RIGHT before I serve them next time. I see this being a repeat recipe for Thanksgiving!! 

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Homemade Deodorant

Now you may ask, what the heck does deodorant have to do with gluten? Many people who have celiac disease know this, but gluten can be hidden in numerous numerous numerous places. Deodorant, mouthwash (ie Crest ProHealth mouthwash cannot SAY they are GF), sunscreens (Hawaiian Tropic also can’t say they are GF), and the list goes on. So please, do your research when you come across different toiletries you are not sure about. Many now will say gluten free, some will not that are gluten free, and some will not say it because they DO contain gluten. In later blog posts, I will review some products that are gluten free also. Stay tuned. 

Some different names to look for in your products that contain wheat are: triticum vulgare, hydrolized wheat protein. Oats can be listed as avena sativa. Barley can be listed as hordeum vulgare. AND natural vitamin e oil and tocopherol acetate are hidden sources of wheat. Now let’s all rush to check our deodorant, mouth rinses, toothpaste, body wash, etc. Anyone find it? If you have, list it in the comments for others to see! 

Here’s a nice website:

SO gluten free deodorants if you wish to not make it (although I urge you to) are: crystal deodorant, Secret, Lady Speedstick, Old Spice, Gillette, Dove, Tom’s of Maine (Love this company, but to save you the trouble, their deodorant is terrible, heard from many of my friends also), and TRESemme. I found a GREAT organic deodorant if you don’t want to make it- Herban Cowboy found here:

BUT deodorant is so easy to make. Just ask one of my favorite bloggers, Wellness Mama. Her recipe is here:

I urge, urge you to just try it. Deodorant many times contains aluminum and many other cancer causing chemicals. You should have all of the items to make it in your household anyway (I use the one that does NOT require use of shea butter and double boiler): coconut oil, arrowroot starch (can use cornstarch, but you know I don’t like the use of corn starch because of how GM corn is), baking soda, and optional essential oils (I use tea tree- it’s a natural anti bacterial and lavender because it smells pretty). 

At the beginning of making it, I saved all my other little deodorant containers (you can also purchase online via amazon or etsy), smashed the deodorant in there, made a stick. However, after the first batch I found it was just easier to put it in a jar and put it on with my fingers. 

I will say sorry to those who live in very warm climates. I went on vacation to South Carolina and my deodorant MELTED. Just MELTED. It was never the same after. So in your case, keep it in the fridge which is annoying, or use Herban Cowboy. (I like the Blossom scent, hubs-to-be likes the Forest). 

Here is what my deodorant looks like in the process of mixing: 


Samoa (Paleo)

Samoas are a delectable treat that used to be only sold by the Girl Scouts. Crisp cookies…. covered in caramel…. topped by coconut… striped with dark chocolate. It’s the perfect combination of crunch and ooey gooey caramel/coconut-ness. Then Keebler was able to sell them at the grocery store which was even better. Then I became gluten free and it sucked.

I purchased the Paleo Indulgence Cookbook by Tammy Credicott and I probably squealed when I saw that a recipe for ‘some-more aahs’.

They’re definitely not the same, but they are still a good cookie.  They are quite time consuming, but it will be worth it. And the second and third time I made them, it got quicker each time.

Here’s the recipe:

For the cookie:


2 C almond flour

1/2 C finely shredded coconut, unsweetened

1/2 tsp baking soda


1/4 C maple syrup

2 tsp vanilla extract

1 egg

3 T coconut oil melted


1 C coconut sugar

1/4 C coconut nectar

1/2 C full fat coconut milk

1/3 C butter (it says optional but I used it)

For the topping:

1/2 C unsweetened coconut toasted

1/2 C chopped dark chocolate

1 oz unsweetened dark chocolate, chopped

Preheat oven 350.

Whisk the dry ingredients then add the wet and blend well. Cover and refrigerate for 15 min.

Scoop rounded tbsp of dough onto cookie sheets.

Bake 12-13 minutes until golden brown — mine only got brown on the bottom. Transfer to wire rack to cool after 5 min

Place caramel ingredients in a saucepan and stir. Head over med-high heat, boiling until it reaches 250 degrees.

Let it cool 10 min.

Make sure coconut is toasted at this point.

Place caramel on the cookie, sprinkle with coconut. Let this cool.

Melt the chocolate, dip the bottom of the cookie in chocolate then drizzle the tops.

Store in airtight container for 5 days- see if it lasts this long. IF there’s leftovers, can be frozen.


Mine aren’t really pretty. But they tasted good and were a hit at the crossfit picnic I took them to.

Stonewall Kitchen Gluten Free Brownie Mix


The best brownies I have found to date. They didn’t make me sick at all afterwards like the King Arthur ones, however, the PRICE TAG. Phew. $11 for a box of brownies for an 8×8 pan. They are meant to be savored. 

They were chewy and fudgey. I was worried while I was making them because the mix is VERY lumpy. It does have chocolate chunks in the mix, which I don’t particularly enjoy normally, but the brownies are really good. They cut really well, almost like normal brownies. They were well liked at my sister’s birthday party by all, gluten free and non gluten free people. 

I still haven’t tried the Hodgson Mill brownies yet that are a lot cheaper and I have heard they are good. I live right across the street from a Walmart, but I just hate going! 

So if you can afford the price tag, these are good! Make a batch and enjoy!



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