About Me

I’m a dental hygienist by trade, but my true love resides somewhere in the middle of trying new foods, nutrition, baking, hiking, and my dogs (and obviously friends and family).

engagement photo moose

I am a HUGE fan of Diners, Drive ins, and Dives, whenever Matt (my soon-to-be hubs) and I go on vacation, we almost MUST try to go to a place that has been featured! We have been to all of the ones around our hometown of Baltimore.  It is a fun thing to keep track of! And I LOVE to yelp so this helps my elite yelping status!


(this here pictured above is my favorite sandwich from Chaps Baltimore- the Rachel! Pit beef place featured on Triple D! It was where Matt took me on our first date, our first valentines day, and I am surprised he didn’t propose there!)

I LOVE to bake. When I made choice (that was long time coming) of becoming gluten free, my huge fear was ‘How will I continue baking?’. For potlucks, family gatherings, book clubs, you name it, I always bring dessert (and it’s always good). Becoming gluten free was very hard for me because of this. However, I’ve made a lot of good gluten free desserts, and I am still trying!


I love love love hiking. I love fall foliage, I love waterfalls, I love the challenge and burn of my legs going uphill for miles. I love the scenery at the top that made it all worth it. Matt & I love to be active and hike on vacations! No beaches for us.


I love my dogs! I have the sweetest pup in the whole world, Moose, who’s a golden retriever! He will give you kisses, sit on your lap, and just love all over you! He is also so clumsy and easygoing. I also have the smartest, most acrobatic, and mischievous dog in the entire world- Wesley! We rescued Wesley, and boy, it has been a fun ride! He keeps me laughing, and DEFINITELY keeps me on my toes.


Oh, and I am a Crossfit enthusiast.  (It’s all the rage right now)


My blog is to help YOUR gluten free journey a little easier by writing some reviews about products and recipes that I love (And some I don’t love) from a girl who loves bread, baking, and has pretty high freaking standards for food. If there is ever a recipe or product you want me to try for you, let me know! Or a ‘flop’ recipe you want me to try to see if I can fix it, just comment!


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