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Stonewall Kitchen Herbed Pizza Crust Review


I have been having a really hard time lately being gluten free. I was never even a huge pizza fan before being gluten free but after I became gluten free, it is literally what I want for dinner every night. I have tried so many different kinds of gluten free pizza… Udis, Little Georges, homemade Paleo crust, Moms Organic pre-made dough, Pillsbury GF dough, Deliso pizza in Gettysburg, Mediteraneos pizza in Westminster, Dominos…. and some are good…. but just not THE SAME. 

Hubs to be gets to eat pizza whenever he wants and the smell of Tostinos pizza (yuck) the other day made me cry. I just want a really good pizza. I caved and we ordered pizza the next night from my favorite pizza place and I ate it, gluten and all. And paid for it the rest of the week. Not only was I sick, but I wanted EVERYTHING gluten because I had already had it and gotten sick, why not just keep going with everything I want to eat and can never have? It was such a slippery slope. 

I was complaining to one of my patients at work about it whose daughter is GF. He mentioned Stonewall Kitchen crust is very good. I ordered it that night and it’s been sitting in my kitchen cabinet until today. This mix is about $8… so its pricey, but it made a really big pizza. I put it on a cookie sheet and made a rectangular pizza. It says you can cut the mix in half and freeze half of it which is probably what I will do next time. I made sure to press it very thin because a lot of times what happens with my pizza is the inside is very doughy, because it just never has time to cook because I make it too thick. 

It was SO good. Really, really good. Go on amazon and get it now. (Except its on that stupid add-on program, so you’ll have to order 15$ of other stuff to just order it- and if you do- their brownie mix is really good too!) I was so pleasantly surprised because I just assumed it would suck like the rest of the doughs and mixes I have tried. It doesn’t. 



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Dominos Gluten Free Pizza Review

Beware: Dominos has no idea about cross-contamination. They make this pizza on already gluten filled flour floured surfaces. Therefore, You will ingest gluten when you ingest this pizza. If you are not very sensitive, you will be OK. If you are, skip it! I haven’t had it for awhile- like a year- because of this, so this Is not my picture- it’s google’s. But it looks like this.

It’s really freaking good. It’s thin crust, but not too crunchy. I normally eat three of the four slices. When soon to be hubs mentioned splitting I was aghast. What do you mean? I cannot split this pizza, I eat 3/4 of it. And then I can’t have that last piece later in the night. Get your own damn pizza, son! Seriously, he was really offended that I got that mad…over pizza. But do NOT MESS with a gluten intolerants favorite meal for real.

So go get (!!!!) it if you’re not that sensitive. Otherwise, I guess stick to making your own or buying Udi’s. OR going to Gettysburg as I suggested before and trying Deliso’s!

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