Homemade Deodorant

Now you may ask, what the heck does deodorant have to do with gluten? Many people who have celiac disease know this, but gluten can be hidden in numerous numerous numerous places. Deodorant, mouthwash (ie Crest ProHealth mouthwash cannot SAY they are GF), sunscreens (Hawaiian Tropic also can’t say they are GF), and the list goes on. So please, do your research when you come across different toiletries you are not sure about. Many now will say gluten free, some will not that are gluten free, and some will not say it because they DO contain gluten. In later blog posts, I will review some products that are gluten free also. Stay tuned. 

Some different names to look for in your products that contain wheat are: triticum vulgare, hydrolized wheat protein. Oats can be listed as avena sativa. Barley can be listed as hordeum vulgare. AND natural vitamin e oil and tocopherol acetate are hidden sources of wheat. Now let’s all rush to check our deodorant, mouth rinses, toothpaste, body wash, etc. Anyone find it? If you have, list it in the comments for others to see! 

Here’s a nice website: 


SO gluten free deodorants if you wish to not make it (although I urge you to) are: crystal deodorant, Secret, Lady Speedstick, Old Spice, Gillette, Dove, Tom’s of Maine (Love this company, but to save you the trouble, their deodorant is terrible, heard from many of my friends also), and TRESemme. I found a GREAT organic deodorant if you don’t want to make it- Herban Cowboy found here: http://www.amazon.com/Herban-Cowboy-Deodorant-Blossom-Scent/dp/B005P0R62A/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1381675337&sr=8-4&keywords=cowboy+deodorant

BUT deodorant is so easy to make. Just ask one of my favorite bloggers, Wellness Mama. Her recipe is here: 


I urge, urge you to just try it. Deodorant many times contains aluminum and many other cancer causing chemicals. You should have all of the items to make it in your household anyway (I use the one that does NOT require use of shea butter and double boiler): coconut oil, arrowroot starch (can use cornstarch, but you know I don’t like the use of corn starch because of how GM corn is), baking soda, and optional essential oils (I use tea tree- it’s a natural anti bacterial and lavender because it smells pretty). 

At the beginning of making it, I saved all my other little deodorant containers (you can also purchase online via amazon or etsy), smashed the deodorant in there, made a stick. However, after the first batch I found it was just easier to put it in a jar and put it on with my fingers. 

I will say sorry to those who live in very warm climates. I went on vacation to South Carolina and my deodorant MELTED. Just MELTED. It was never the same after. So in your case, keep it in the fridge which is annoying, or use Herban Cowboy. (I like the Blossom scent, hubs-to-be likes the Forest). 

Here is what my deodorant looks like in the process of mixing: 



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