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Simply Organic Cocoa Cayenne Cake



Warning: Do not ingest any of the mix when you open it. It will cause a horrendous coughing fit. After trying the mix and seeing how spicy it was, I was VERY hesitant to even make them. I was making them for bookclub and hate to take anything that tastes bad. The aroma of them cooking was also a little unpleasant to the nostrils. I tried a cupcake out of the oven and I wasn’t a huge fan. SO I made a pizza also just in case (Stonewall Kitchen Herbed Pizza Crust). My bookclub has 3 of us that are GF so we all make GF snacks to be accommodate which is awesome. 

After I let them sit for a day and iced them with milk chocolate icing, it cut the spice down and they were well received. However, the full pizza I made also was completely gone. I would definitely make them again because although they look and taste like a normal chocolate cupcake, they have a little spice at the end. 



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Simply Organics Chai Scone Review



These are divine. I love Chai Tea and was a huge fan of chai lattes before I became gluten free. (Almost EVERYTHING at Starbucks has gluten in it, so I just don’t even bother going in). You shouldn’t eaten raw mix because of eggs, but I had to try it because it smelled fabulous. And it was amazing. 

The chai spice is really good. Not overpowering but just enough. I added some blueberries to it because I have five bags in my freezer from my granny. (Thanks Granny!). 

Not being a huge scone fan, just a huge chai spice fan, these scones are just fabulous. 

Therefore, when it came to my attention when I went to order more and realized they seem to be DISCONTINUED. I looked on all my normal websites- amazon.com, vitacost, iherb, and then went to simply organics. Amazon has some for sale from an external website but they are charging 5.30 a box then 4$ PER box for shipping. No thank you. 

I am going to go to Saubels, the store I originally got them from and see if they have anymore … and buy all they have. In the meantime I am scouring the web for gluten free chai scone recipes. If you have one let me know! I have bookmarked a few. Image Image

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