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This will be a very short post. Zucchini noodles > spaghetti squash. They may even be better than most of the GF variety of noodles. They’re good, not processed, and quicker to make than pasta. 

I got this lovely contraption for my bridal shower. It does take up a good bit of space in my cabinets however I made room for it. I hope I get it out as much as I would like since its put away, but I think I will. 



There are already a few other recipes I want to try with it. Thinly sliced apples with sausage… Curly fries… Yummo. 



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Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Buttercream (Paleo)



I was very unsure when I made this cake. I made this cake for one of the ladies I work with that is strict paleo. I have a lot of paleo recipe books, however, I always still find myself searching online for recipes. Here is the recipe for this cake: 


When I bought my house, my parents gave me the extra standing mixer that they had gotten my sister, but my brother in law had also gotten my sister one so I got the extra one as my house warming gift. I will say I wasn’t excited with it. It takes up a lot of space, which in my kitchen I don’t have a ton of. However, it has been a life saver in many instances and I am SO SO happy that I have one now. It certainly has earned its spot on my counter.  This recipe calls for whisking eggs for six minutes for the cake. So while the standing mixer was doing that, I was doing other stuff. Then for the icing, it has to be whisked for 8 minutes, so again, thats when I was cutting my pound of butter, etc. 

I normally make cupcakes because I really like to try a baked good before I take it somewhere. It’s very hard to do that with cakes. However, I wanted to make this true to the recipe. Luckily, I made one of the cakes a little bit too high, so while I was leveling it I had a little bite of the extras and boy was it good. It was the perfect amount of richness and bitterness and still very moist. It doesn’t contain any grains at all, no xanthan gum (woohoo!), no corn. And still amazing. It was TIME CONSUMING. It also had an INSANE amount of eggs and butter in it. By no means is this a ‘healthy’ cake. But it is an ‘amazingly yummy’ cake. It will be worth your time. 

Also, for some reason, paleo baked goods (well and gluten free) cook awfully fast… and don’t really ‘brown’ the same way its gluten counterparts do, so make sure you follow recipes and check constantly. I can normally tell when the edges at the bottom are browned, however, with something like this, you really have to go by the recipe and it wasn’t a second longer than it said. I could probably have even taken it out maybe a minute sooner.

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Coconut Aminos

Oh man, do I love soy sauce. I love sushi because I love soy sauce. I love rice because I love soy sauce. I put soy sauce all over my quinoa. Because I love salt, and soy sauce. Therefore, when I realized that gluten was in soy sauce, I was really really really upset. I also really am not a big fan of soy, especially soy that is not fermented. Why, you ask.

Unfermented soy is so high in phytic acid that it decreases mineral absorption. And when you make soy into soy milk, soy protein isolate, soy lechithin, etc, it becomes just another overly processed food.

Now, fermented soy takes away the phytic acid problem by neutralizing it.

Now, soy is also one of the most genetically modified foods(GMO). Right up there with corn (ew.) So when you use soy, make sure it’s organic, fermented, non-GMO, and unsweetened.

Anyways, that’s when I heard about coconut aminos. All you fellow crossfit enthusiasts also have probably heard of coconut aminos, because of a little something called the paleo diet.  This is huge right now. I agree and disagree with some parts of paleo, so I will never fully follow it, but there are a lot of good things about it. It’s a gluten free diet which is really nice, and really popular right now, also nice for all of us sensitive to gluten people.

Coconut aminos is fermented coconut nectar. I found mine on amazon.com and vitacost. (My two favorite websites for gluten free items.)


It’s quite good and salty.

“Can I substitute Bragg’s aminos for coconut aminos? It says its an alternative for soy sauce.” This is a valid question. No, you cannot. Braggs aminos is soybean that has been treated by hydrochloric acid. Gross. The treatment process creates free amino acids, which are neutralized with sodium bicarbonate, and the result is sodium chloride. If that sounds ok to you, go for it, but I will stick to the coconut aminos.

I made a fantastic stir fry today with the coconut aminos, garlic salt, and crushed red pepper. We have had leftover venison and bison chili for three days straight (lunch & dinner). I needed something different, but haven’t been to the grocery store. I had a lot of leftover broccoli, leftover quinoa, some frozen squash, and we have a whole freezer full of meat from Heartland Home foods, so I also had some chicken. I made this lovely stir fry.


.I don’t know the recipe for it, but it was very good. I sauteed the chicken in red palm oil. Added some garlic salt and crushed red pepper for some spice. I then added the coconut aminos and let simmer for awhile. Added the squash, the broc, and some more aminos. I cooked it then on pretty high to make the sauce sort of caramelize. It was very delicious. This would be paleo without the quinoa. But it has quinoa.

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