Udi’s Copycat Gluten Free Bread


I got this recipe from :


It’s a great sandwich bread recipe! I wish you could smell how amazing my house smells when I am baking this bread. You will just have to try it yourself. Like many other people posted, I ALSO really wanted to take the bread out after 45 minutes. I had to literally pry my own fingers off the oven door so that I didn’t do it. I did however cover it with foil, to make myself feel better.

This bread is fluffy and beautiful white inside. I also cried like a lot of other people said they did when they tried this bread. The day I made this bread, I had a grilled cheese sandwich, PB&J, pulled pork sandwich, and tuna fish/avocado sandwich. Given the loaf is quite small, like other GF loaves, it’s made in a smaller loaf pan and I also don’t eat the crust. This is all excuses to make myself feel better for eating four sandwiches in one day.

I made it as is the first time, xanthan gum and all. I was so upset with myself that I bought it but I really wanted this bread. Next time I will use the flax seed trick I talked about in a previous post, and I will let you know.  I also used coconut vinegar instead of apple cider, and it worked out fine.


You can cry too if you want, I know it’s beautiful.


One thought on “Udi’s Copycat Gluten Free Bread

  1. Ahh! Thanks for sharing, I’ve been wanting to bake my own bread for some time now.

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