Gluten Free Peanut Butter Cake for the Dogs


So it was Wesley’s year birthday in September. I made him a Gluten-Free PB cake with Yogurt Icing. This is what I used:

It was very well liked by my dogs, however, I am blessed with dogs that are not too picky. The box was SO small. This is a 4in pan cake. The icing was not NEARLY enough, as you can see. I really wish I had had extra yogurt laying around the house so I could have iced the entire cake instead of just the top. I crushed up a treat in spice grinder and put a bone shaped cookie cutter on top and sprinkled the treat in there to make the beautiful shape on top to make it look better. It was a nice presentation, although, I think I enjoyed it more than Wesley did. 

Next birthday I will make my own cake because it was a waste of money IMO and I could make it myself for much cheaper. It was very easy though, if you don’t want the hassle. On amazon it says it makes 8 cupcakes, which I really don’t think it would unless they are ‘mini cupcakes’. The smell was very lovely as it was baking, I almost tried a little bite myself! 


This is Wesley in his bandana I made him walk around Petsmart in. He was not amused.


This is Wesley begging for cake.



This is Wesley’s post-birthday cake coma. 




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