Dominos Gluten Free Pizza Review

Beware: Dominos has no idea about cross-contamination. They make this pizza on already gluten filled flour floured surfaces. Therefore, You will ingest gluten when you ingest this pizza. If you are not very sensitive, you will be OK. If you are, skip it! I haven’t had it for awhile- like a year- because of this, so this Is not my picture- it’s google’s. But it looks like this.

It’s really freaking good. It’s thin crust, but not too crunchy. I normally eat three of the four slices. When soon to be hubs mentioned splitting I was aghast. What do you mean? I cannot split this pizza, I eat 3/4 of it. And then I can’t have that last piece later in the night. Get your own damn pizza, son! Seriously, he was really offended that I got that mad…over pizza. But do NOT MESS with a gluten intolerants favorite meal for real.

So go get (!!!!) it if you’re not that sensitive. Otherwise, I guess stick to making your own or buying Udi’s. OR going to Gettysburg as I suggested before and trying Deliso’s!

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