Deliso’s Pizza, Foods by George Pizza, and Raw Milk


This post is only good for you if you live close to me. Deliso’s Pizza in Gettysburg, PA review. It is 45 minutes-ish from my house. I called my mom up on Sunday to go with me.

My dad has celiac’s disease since before it was ‘cool’. I think he was self-diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2000? Maybe earlier. He was having a lot of stomach issues, and we even thought he had colon cancer. He had a lot of doctors visits, scans, etc, but no one could find anything that was wrong. He also had this horrific rash. Sound familiar? We had actually just gotten new couches around the same time the rash started and we got rid of those, thinking that may be the problem and ALMOST got rid of my cat. My mom and I searched all the symptoms online and found that cutting out wheat could help. So he tried it, for six months. He felt almost instantly better, however, as you know, gluten takes so long to get out of the system. The rash took awhile to clear up.

Anyways, my dad has Celiac and my mom loves bread. Every so often, my mom and I will try some new natural food store to find new products. I try to go to Pennsylvania because my soon-to-be-hubs loves raw milk and it is illegal in Maryland.


Raw milk is not pasteurized and has become sort of an addiction for him. He protects it so well I only hope he does the same for our kids and he even hides it when people come over. The nice thing about raw milk is that it OK for people that are lactose intolerant because during pasteurization is when the enzyme you need to digest lactose is taken out.

So I heard about Deliso’s Pizza from one of my friends who is also GF. The owner of this pizza place has Celiac disease so there is no cross contamination at all. For example, Dominos “gluten free pizza” although it actually is quite good, it is rolled on the same surfaces as the gluten pizza. So anyone with intolerance or celiac disease cannot have it. Not the case with Deliso’s. It is really good, and she also makes ravioli, bread, ziti, lasagna, etc. The nice thing about Deliso’s is its your normal, carry-out mostly pizza joint with the weird built in booths with fake wood, dirty bathrooms, etc. It’s not the gluten free hoity toity pizza place. It has grease…. and it’s simply a good pizza.


And for those of you who cannot go to this lovely pizza place…. This pizza tastes fairly similar which I have found at Wegman’s. Foods by George.

little georges pizza


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