S’ghetti Squash


Spaghetti squash will never, in no means, be able to replace pasta. And no gluten free pasta will ever be able to replace pasta, that I have found anyway. I have heard zoodles are better than squash, but I have yet to get a zoodles maker (it’s on my wedding registry).

Spaghetti squash is a nice replacement. Its nutritious and its cheap for how much pasta it makes. Especially since Matt doesn’t eat it. I found a recipe on pinterest that I love and was oh so easy! Cut the squash in half, take out the innards, season, roast it for 1 hr side up then shred it. Then its tossed with olive oil and avocado. It was delightful. The next day, I also had leftover sausage and broc to use so I added that in as well and sauteed it all together and tossed in avocado at the end. Pictured above.

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