Vans Gluten Free Waffles Review


Here was my dinner: Chicken & Waffles with Van’s Gluten Free Totally Natural Waffles. The waffles were… pretty good. It’s weird, sometimes I’ve made them and they have been excellent and sometimes they have just been really hard and crunchy. Once we get a waffle maker, I will definitely make my own, however, for now these will do for a very quick breakfast, or a lovely part of dinner underneath a perfectly fried crispy piece of chicken.

So my review is: They’re good for something quick, but make your own, they’ll be better.

The totally natural label also makes me upset…. nothing natural about 12 ingredients in a waffle mix! It also contains soy… which is hard to stay away from but I try. But it is non-GMO canola oil which is nice.

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