Pinterest Pretzel Bun Recipe Review

Here is the original recipe:

I was watching football and pinterest-ing when I came across this recipe. I quickly went to my pantry to see what ingredients I had because I was pretty sure I had them all. Wrong. Missing cream of tartar. So I researched what I could use in place of cream of tartar and it turns out nothing really takes the place. You can substitute baking powder but I also was out of that. Now the grocery store on a Sunday is not my favorite place to be, but luckily, hubs-to-be works at a cafe where they have an amazing bakery. Since he was getting home in an hour, I had him bring me some from work.

I quickly went to work on the dough and followed the recipe mostly as is. I used King Arthur GF flour, xanthan gum (ugh) and a dairy free powdered milk since thats what I had. My pretzel buns were not as pretty, but they are I assume just as good because they taste fantastic. They have a crunch outside, chewy inside. All I need now is a beer cheese fondue dip.

I’m wondering if I needed to cook them longer because my color is not as dark? I didn’t want to OVERCOOK though.



Imagepretzel sammie 

This is the sandwich I made pictured above the next day. Heated the bun on the grill, grilled a piece of Stubb’s Rub BBQ Rub Chicken, then assembled bacon, avocado, extra BBQ sauce (Pork Barrel is my favorite), and made some lovely cornmeal crusted fried green tomatoes. I ate the entire freaking sandwich.

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